Microblading my Eyebrows! Courtesy of Sage Cosmetic Tattoos

Hi everyone! I wanted to tell you about getting my eyebrows microbladed and answer any questions you might have about it. I got mine done by Jillian at Sage Cosmetic Tattoo (check out her IG @sagecosmetictattoo). She is located at 1013 N. Charles St. in Baltimore, she is the sweetest and she has the cutest shop (see pics below). The picture below portays my before and after results. I had pretty thick brows before but no definition. I wanted to share this with you guys because it’s so nice to get it done if you are a busy mom or a nurse/doctor/teacher, or just anyone who works long hours and doesn’t have a ton of time to get ready, because you can roll out of bed and already look put together. I haven’t really been wearing makeup since I got it done which is amazing. If you’re wondering what the heck microblading is they basically make tiny hair strokes with semi permanent pigment that fill in your brows and give them shape. She numbed me first so it didn’t hurt, it just felt like a slight scratching. The healing afterwards also went really well for me, and they looked completely normal right away which was nice. I loved my results and the experience, and I will definitely be going back for yearly maintenance💕.

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I linked Jillian’s website and pricing here: Microblading Pricing

Contact Jillian here for a consultation.

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FAQ’s from the Sage Website:
“How long does microblading last?”
After the initial procedure and follow up, most people find their tattoos to last about 12 to 18 months. Depending on the client’s skin type, some tattoos might last as long as 2 years or as little as 1 year. It is recommended to get color boosts every 1-2 years for maintenance. For returning customers, I offer a discount.

“How is microblading different than a regular tattoo?”
Microblading is a manual form of cosmetic tattooing, also referred to as micropigmentation. Unlike body art, the procedure uses only a small amount of pigment, causing the tattoo to fade much faster. Rather than a tattoo machine, microblading is performed with a hand tool made up of several small needles. This tool is sterile and disposed of after each client.

“Am I a candidate for this procedure?”
Most people are! Those who are not are the following: pregnant or nursing, allergic to anesthetics or certain metals, diabetic, epileptic, undergoing chemotherapy, have rosacea, currently on Accutane, certain thyroid medications, some steroids or blood thinners, and those who are prone to keloids and heavy scarring. If you experience one of the above, please still reach out to see if you are a candidate, as many of these things are not total deterrents, but things to be cautious about.

“What are ombré brows?”
Ombré brows are tattooed eyebrows using a soft shading technique. If you have momre oily skin, ombré is a great option for you, as the pigment will hold better than with microblading. A combination of both microblading and soft shading can be used to create an even more realistic and natural look.

“What is lash line enhancement or natural eyeliner?”
Lash enhancement is a thin eyeliner tattoo on the lash line to simulate the appearance of bolder lashes. This can be done on the top or bottom lash line, or both!

“What is non-laser tattoo removal?”
Non-laser tattoo removal is performed with a tattoo machine, anesthetic, and a saline based solution. It is a cheaper and safer option than laser and has a much lower risk of scarring. Depending on if you are lightening a tattoo to prepare for a cover up or trying to remove it completely, you may need multiple sessions.

“Does microblading hurt?”
Pain is relative! Some people have reported no pain at all, while others described mild to moderate discomfort. You will be numbed multiple times throughout the session to keep your discomfort at a minimum. Some people might experience temporary swelling or tenderness.

“How long does microblading take?”
First sessions are booked for 2 hour appointments, and follow up sessions are booked for 1 hour.

“How should I prepare for my appointment?”
There are a few things NOT to do before your procedure, because they can cause too much bleeding, lack of color retention, or make your skin too sensitive. Don’t ingest NSAIDs, Aspirin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, caffiene or alochol 24 hours before your procedure. Discontinue the use of Retinol and Vitamin A products, facials, chemical peels, and Botox 3 weeks prior. Do not tweeze, wax, or tint the area 3 days before. Come to your appointment well hydrated and having already eaten. This will help you feel more comfortable during the treatment. For further detail about pre-care and aftercare, please see the care page.

“How soon until I can go out in public? Should I book a weekend appointment to get a head start on healing before the work week?”
No need to worry! Most of my before/after photos are taken right before and immediately following the procedure. Your brows will be dark for a day or two, and any swelling or redness tends to subside by the next day. If you’re worried about scabbing or flaking, that usually doesn’t happen until day 5 or 6 in the healing process, if it happens at all. Most people don’t even notice it.

“How should I care for my eyebrows after my procedure?”
You will receive detailed aftercare information during your appointment, as well as aftercare ointment, but there are a few key tips to remember. Keep your brows clean and dry other than the aftercare cream. Avoid heavy sweating or moisture for 7 days after your procedure. Keep your brows out of too much direct sunlight and do not pick or scratch at the area, as this could ruin your tattoo. For further detail about pre-care and aftercare, please see the care page.

“What can I expect during the healing process?”
The true appearance of your new brows won’t be seen until 30-45 days after your procedure, when the healing process is complete. At first, your brows might appear 20-30% darker or more solid. Don’t be alarmed! This is completely normal. After 3-5 days the brows will begin to itch and tickle as your skin sheds its top layer and minimal scabbing might occur. It is important not to pick the scabs, which could pull out the pigment. After a week, the scabs will flake, and the skin and tattoo underneath will appear very light. Again, don’t be alarmed! As the molecules in the pigment condense and your skin reforms over the tattoo, the true color of your brows will appear.

“Can you touch up brows that another artist started?”
Yes, but any client who is new to me will be charged full price. It is your choice if you’d like 1 or 2 sessions.

“Do you have to shave my eyebrows to tattoo them?”
Nope! Unlike other tattoos, microblading can be performed on an area with or without hair.

“Do you offer correction of previous tattoos or tattoo removal?”
Corrections are taken on a case-by-case basis. Saline tattoo removal is offered, and sometimes a good idea if you need to lighten your brows before a correction. It also works on any body art tattoo! Please feel free to get in touch or email photos if you are unsure of what you need.

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